Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

If you are wading through the change from winter to spring, like I am, you might want to check out this DVD which was released today. The Prisoner, which aired this winter on AMC, is a modern remake of the british series from the 1960’s. The remake for AMC stars Jim Caviezel as Six, a man dropped in a mysterious town where all the peopled are numbered, a Six does not know how he got there, or how to leave. Also starring in the miniseries is the great Ian McKellen as the seemingly in-charge Two.

I caught the 6 hour miniseries when it aired on AMC and it was well done short story that used a variety of story telling techniques to tell the back story and current story of number Six and who he is exactly. Prepare for many twist and turns and a great performance by the fine character actor Lennie James.

The DVD which is in stores today, comes with some well made features such as your usual commentary (2 episodes), an interview with Ian McKellen, and unaired scenes. The things I enjoyed the most however were the diary of the making of the series, shot in 92 days, the back story of the 60’s and current versions, and for those that did not attend comic-con, the entire panel! This is a nice little DVD to add to your collection, and it is available now.


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