Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

If you look back at both my review, and my November article on how to make the show better, you can tell that FlashForward went from a show that was so high on my list to one that is barely staying alive. The epic science fiction story about when the world sees the future and goes dark for 2 minutes 17 seconds, was a show ABC was high on from the beginning. From an early pilot, to an early pickup, to early screening, ABC had faith and so did I.

Now as the show enters its 12th episode after a lengthy hiatus, the faith has dwindledFl (look at the no promos during the Oscars), and when I tuned in to check out the firs two hours airing Tuesday, my faith was few and far between, and believe me, when I was watching I tried not to like it, but in the end… It made me quite happy.

When the show left in December, Mark (Joesph Finnes) and Demitri (John Cho) met up with Agent Vogel (Michael Ealy) in Hong Kong to track down the woman who knows about Demitiri’s death that will happen in March. They found a woman who knew a lot more and in the process got Mark suspended, and his wife in dire need. Back in Los Angeles, after Simon (Dominic Monaghan) and Lloyd (Jack Davenport) came out to say they caused the blackout, Lloyd’s son was released by Mark’s wife Olivia (Sonya Walger) but as they were leaving the hospital, attacked and Lloyd was talking after almost killing Olivia.

The premiere picks up as Mark returns to LA, and Olivia is getting debriefed by the FBI. The first 15 minutes of the episode do a great job in recapping the series so far in part from guest star Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal) and from the music that underscores and compliments the episode beautifully. FlashForward changed in this episode with the music by becoming the third show to use a live orchestra (Alias did it, Lost does it).

The two hours as a whole are well thought out, present both stereotypes and unique situations that are both foreseen and surprising. The first hour in particular presents some interesting dilemmas. First, Paula Newsome shines in her role as Mark’s bureau assigned therapist and pulls him a new one, while the FBI search for Llyod from the help of Simon. The second hour provides more of the mythological based meat thanks to a lengthy backstory of Simon, as well as more of the just fabulous Ricky Jay who as he puts it, a “villain” in the best since of the word. Of course, for all you that crave a show that gives you answers, the mystery of who Suspect Zero is, is revealed as well as some other very interesting matter. Also include tonight for your viewing pleasure, some not so great plot points, ridiculous dialogue and more. Yeah!

Overall, the two hours provide a well thought out launch point for the next 10 hours, and as I see it give me some hope of the future. That future however includes some very tough moments but for a show that gets the best talent as guest in the biz, there must be some reason they are signing on and for the time being I will and you should be too.

FlashForward returns to ABC tonight at 8/7c!


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