Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

How was everyone’s weekend? Is anybody attending what sounds like an awesome PaleyFest 2010? I for one am pretty busy this time a year and so is new television. Of course your usual monday affairs are new tonight including the best Chuck ever, new CBS comedies, and the return of Gossip Girl which lost my interest in the fall.

Life Unexpected is getting better and better each week and last week’s “Crisis Unaverted” showcased the fantatics acting between Kerr Smith and Shiri Appleby as well as the chemistry with Baze in teh mix. The show continues until its finale on April 19th but from now on it will do so at 8/7c, one hour earlier on the CW. Tonight’s “Bride Unbridled,” Lux is back living at Baze’s and mixing it up with Jones, the hot quarterback, after Bug has left. Below check out an intro to the episode by the awesome creator Liz Tigelaar!

Tonight also marks the return of two dramas, first on NBC, Trauma is back from the brink of cancellation, and was actually picked up for more episodes after being cancelled. It is most certainly because NBC needed filler but I took time to watch two new episodes airing on March 15th and 22nd. The show is not half-bad and does a great job with the actual “trauma” of it all but I still feeling the characters are not as engaging as I would like them to be and the relationships forced. Only time will tell if viewers will latch on with the return and I am still undecided if I will as well.

Castle on ABC is also back and far from cancellation. The ratings are growing and in two weeks will feature a two parter airing after Desperate Housewives on Sunday, and then on Monday, and will including DH‘s Dana Delany. Tonight, the throughly enjoyable prodederal, goes deep into underground sex world in the city at 10/9c. Intriguing huh?


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