Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Chuck has many new missions, 12 to be exact for the year, and on his quest to become a real spy the next few are going to be critical. The next four in question, against a “Fake Name”, a “Beard,” “Tic Tacs,” and against the “Final Exam,” and they are critical, but they are some of Chuck’s best.

I was fortunate enough to get to see the next 4 hours which start airing tonight at 8/7c on NBC, and I do not want to say the show is perfect, these hours showcase what make it so close to perfection. They feature action, emotion, intrigue, depth, and most of all, fun, that make the viewing experience so memorable. I cannot say much of the plot because the episodes features so many revelations, I would not and Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak do not want to ruin it for you. Episode 9 (March 8th) notably is directed by the series star Zachary Levi and is I believe the best episode the series has created.

I cannot not talk about the controversy surrounding the way the series left off before the Olympics and it is key to remember that the episode was never meant to be a cliffhanger as many fans thought. I among others was not happy with the direction of the show  during the last few weeks but for entirely different reasons.I was not happy with the story, the cases were not grabbing me and the integration of the Buy More and notably Hannah (Kristin Keurk) was not happening the way I had hoped. Others however were concerned that in the last episode, Chuck hooked up with Hannah, and Sarah with Shaw. Relax, Chuck and Sarah are not over and far from it, and to get angry over the hookups is unnecessary. Both Shaw and Hannah will not be around forever, and one will take off sooner than you think, so just step back, continue watching and enjoy the ride.

Please return to NBC and catch Chuck tonight at 8.7c!


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