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3 To Watch Sunday Night

Olympics are ending, television is coming back, new episodes, new stars, and new shows will be entering the airways this week and beyond.

Closing Ceremonies – 7/6c on NBC I have been for the last two weeks mostly glued to the Olympics, for better or for worse, and tonight the 2010 games end and the countdown to London begins. NBC coverage can be frustrating to us on the west coast but I have enjoyed the talent and events they play at certain times. I can only hope that tonight’s event is co-hosted by the wonderful Mary Carillo like previous years, but have been unable to confirm that. Following the 3.5 hours is…

The Marriage Ref – 10:30/9:30c on NBC What looks like a hilarious program in a special sneak preview. The Marriage Ref is from Jerry Seinfeld, and features a panel of celebrity judges that range from Tina Fey to Maddona who judge actually couples problems. A 30 minute preview with Jerry Seinfeld, Alec Baldwin, and Kelly Ripa airs after the ceremonies, and a fine comedian Tom Papa serves as the “Ref.” At first I was hesitant of this new concept series, but throughout the weeks I have come around. It will settle into its regular time slot, Thursday at 10/9c.

Brothers and Sisters – 10/9c on ABC Family drama will be very present on the site this week thanks to NBC’s new family series Parenthood, but the staple right now is still going over on ABC, and while the season of Brothers and Sisters has had its highs (Kitty’s cancer) and the low’s (Justin’s school life), I am still enjoying this year the most since Season 2 and tonight’s episode is no different. Whenever Nora and Holly (Sally Field and Patricia Wettig) get together you do not know what to expect and fans of the battling duo will be very happy tonight along with the political side as Kitty and Buffy (Cheryl Hines in a perfect southern role) as that becomes a staple in the series to come. The biggest draw for many however is the return of Gilles Marini, who plays Sarah’s french lover Luc who we saw last week as the artist of the painting that Sarah received without knowing. He is a gem on the program and I hope he continues to be a bright light (SPOILER ALERT: Gilles will become a series regular next year, so we will be seeing a lot more of him.)


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  1. I didn’t know Gilles was definitely going to be a series regular next season! That’s exciting because, I agree, he’s great on B & S. Also, not sure how long you’ve had this site layout up, but I really like it!

  2. Thanks from the comment and it was announced a little while ago around the time the Rob Lowe/Calista news came out.

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