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Lost: Top 5 Jack Episodes

It is once again Tuesday and that means for me Idol and especially Lost. Tonight’s installment entitled “Lighthouse,” revolves around the shows techniacal lead, Jack Shepherd (Matthew Fox). Although he has never been my favorite character, I could never imagine the show without him, and here are some of his most shining moments.

1. Through the Looking Glass (Season 3) Easily the best finale the show has ever done, and it gets better the more you watch it. The imfauous “we have to go back” flashforward revealtion was a treat, and to watch Jack in such a terrible state, showed both his and Matthew Fox’s venerability. Just a courageous and revealing episode.

2. Man of Science, Man of Faith (Season 2) After the fan outcry of not knowing what was in the hatch, we got answers and the battle between Jack and Locke really begun. Two powerful characters that learned just so much from each other even if they do not realize it.

3. White Rabbit (Season 1) Jack’s first real flashback episode that introduced us to Christian both on and off the island with Jack’s vision and troubled past.

4. Tale of Two Cities (Season 3) This episode maybe was not Jack’s best but it did introduce us to my favorite character Juliet, and the romance between Jack and Juliet in the Hydra was imminent from the start.

5. The Hunting Party (Season 2) Middle of season 2 was not the best time for Lost, but this hour has somehow stuck in my head for the odd reason of the flashback story of Jack losing Sarah, gaining a patient, and having a heart.

What do you think of my list? Anything you would change? Most of all, what did you think of tonight?


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