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Catching Up on TV Part 2

Wednesday and Thursdays are packed full of fun television including some buzzworthy dramas and comedies, here are my thoughts as some wind down, and some are gearing up, plus my take on a Sunday fave.

The Middle/Modern Family/Cougar Town – I’m laughing. All the time, and that is all that matters with these three renewed for year two, superb comedies. With The Middle, their key to success has been in the Heck kids who especially in the biggest episodes to date. Brick (Atticus Shaffer) in particular with his delivery just makes it so so funny, and then Axl and Sue who are so unique in his approach on girls and her trying to fit in.

Modern Family just rocks and after “My Funky Valentine” officially became my favorite comedy on TV. In a combination of hilarity, sweetness, and uniqueness it just works. The one thing that in every episode which each story is synchronised to the others in that episode from latin housekeepers and dog butlers that are somehow intertwined by mannerisms and dialogue. That is a testament to the cast and that writing that is so so Emmy worthy. (Sorry Glee.)

Cougar Town is one brilliant town and it is not for Jules (Courtney Cox) only but for the supporting players that make each half-hour from Ellie’s views on life to Bobby, Andy, and Grayson’s night out, and Travis maturity with his mother (Did you know he is really 25?). The show has twindld in the ratings but I hope an upcoming recurring role from Sheryl Crow can change that, plus where is Barb, and Rachael Harris? I miss them. All three comedies return on March 3rd to ABC.

Leverage – Leverage to me is one of the funniest shows on TV in a long while. The past few weeks with Nate’s ex-wife (played by the absolutely wonderful Kari Machett) coming back into the picture when she did not want him was fun, and the finale has started and I can say it finishes on a huge win. The last hour airing this Wednesday marks the return of some old favorites in a surprising turn, Jeri Ryan exits for now, and a cliff hanger till the summer that you will really want to know about. The best thing about the second half of the season was to see a pregnant Gina Bellman as Sophie in ever-changing outfits and locations from Africa to the super cliché in Eiffel Tower in the background Paris. Just fun.

Human Target – 12 million to 8 million is not the best thing to hear, however, it is very early for the action drama on FOX. I have not been enthralled by the series but last week’s episode “Run” which was originally the second episode showcased big action and story and that is what I like and want to see. The story they have introduced about Chance’s first case with a mysterious woman named Katherine is intriguing as well as Guerrero’s “side-projects” but if they are not in the mix each week I feel it will be lost in the action.

Lots to come as this drama is just finding its footing and the survival will all depend on FOX’s development slate and other performers like the dying Past Life and new entry Code 58 in the spring.

Burn Notice – Is it just me, or has this second half of the season been way uneven? This past Thursday’s episode has been the only one that I truly enjoyed. I feel like the action mixed with the character reactions have not been gelling together. The season is ending on March 4th and it will mark the return of some old pals that will change the game, and I can only hope it changes for the better.

Survivor – AMAZING TELEVISION. The two-hour première of Heroes vs. Villains was some of the best TV I have seen all year. Conflict, romance, injuries, tribals, survival, that were all so captivating to watch. Jerri and Coach’s romance was repulsing but so fascinating. I love the idea of reliving some of our favorite challenges from earlier years and I have some ones in my mind that I hope that do like the giant ball challenge from Guatemala and more. Just superb reality competition. More after the jump….

NBC Comedies – It has now come a time of change. Community and Parks and Recreation I must say have become more must-see than The Office and 30 Rock. That is not too say those comedies are bad, but the first two are just great recently and I want a DJ Roomba now. Parks is now a personal, hilarious, and quirky comedy with comedically dense characters, while Community is really coming into its own.

30 Rock as well after its pair of episodes in January has been gut wrenching lately, and the Hot Box was the re-watch moment of the week, and I could not be happier that Elizabeth Banks will be on the show 4 more times. She needs her own comedy stat. The Office after a terrible clip like show has finally made me laugh. Last week with Kathy Bates was funny, and just so Office-like, I need that. All the comedies return after the games on March 1st.

The Vampire Diaries – The Vamps went from terrible television to guilty pleasure and now it is just plain good TV and I am not afraid to admit it. The some kind of finale featured a surprising twist, Katherine was not in the tomb, where is she? We do not know but I can only expect it will be revealed when the show returns after another hiatus on March 25th. I am loving the flashbacks, the witches, and most of all, the new vampires and conflicts in Mystic Falls.

Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice – Drama, drama, drama, sometimes that can be a good thing, and for these two interconnect ABC dramas it has been. Both shows have been on the good side for a while now and Grey’s in particular I have enjoyed. The Chief storyline has presented almost new blood to the series, and it also brought Sarah Drew back! What could be better, I am hearing though that the much touted flashback episode which airs Thursday is great, and we can only wait and see along with Private Practice‘s big wedding episode.

Brothers and Sisters – The season started off really strong with Kitty’s cancer storyline but since its return Brothers and Sisters has gone from good to bad to great. Sunday’s episode starts Kitty’s campaign for Senate and Cheryl Hines returns as her pal Buffy and is hilarious. I like the idea of political Kitty, and I think this will be the avenue for her shortened load in season 5 as she will have to travel to DC, something that Rob Lowe never did as he will exit as well. The other big story this season has been Holly’s business troubles and she is my favorite character but the plot has lacked. I can say it takes a great turn in Sunday’s hour, and it can only get bigger with the huge flashback two-parter in April.

That is my current take, what do you think? What are your favorites right now, and what are you looking forward too in the coming months especially when a huge load of shows return in March?


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