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Catching up on TV Part 1

Since I am officially caught up with current television (minus me watching for the first time House and Supernatural), I thought it would be a good time to tell you my thoughts for each show, and I would love to hear what you think! Check back tomorrow for the comments on programs from the second half of the week.

Castle – There is only good news for the comedic procedural that has seemingly integrated itself into the ABC brand like no other. Castle is climbing in the ratings and for once beating CSI: Miami in the demos which isn’t heard of in the 10PM timeslot on Mondays. The other good news is even in repeats the show performers better than any other ABC drama which means that new viewers are coming in through repeats.

Now creatively the show has been strong. Becketts’s backstory with her mother’s death has really been front and center for a couple weeks and it almost puts a “Monk” like layer to the story that gives me more of a personal connection. The case-of-the-week seemingly are just avenues to provide fun dialogue between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and I love those two together along with Castle’s mom and daughter who put a smile to your face. Well done ABC, and Castle returns with new episodes on Match 8th.

How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory – Now to a show that has not been on top of their game this year in Mother. The majority of the episodes have felt off and not true to the series with repeating stories for Robin, Lily and Marshall playing way in the background, and no progress with Ted. The 100th episode earlier in 2010 was solid and provide some new information on the title story but in order for me to really care, you must continue it and that has not happened. Very uneven but its 9:30 counterpart on Monday has been anything but.

Big Bang has not provided memorable moments like it should but it has never fallen to the bad column this year. The humor is endless, and each of the characters seem to be showcased in different ways each week. Both comedies return to CBS Mondays on March 1st.

Chuck- Chuck vs. the Mask sure was a controversial one. In the hour, the producers featured both Chuck and Sarah move on to new relationships and I was not okay with it. It was not necessarily the realationship, it was the way it was went about. Kristin Kreuk is a great actress and I was very happy to see her character Hannah take a larger role but for the past two hours she is being used in a role that is starting to hate Chuck and I do not enjoy that. I wanted Hannah to come in to the Buy More as just a fun, quirky girl, that can play with everybody and for her and Chuck to really form a bond. As far as Chuck and Sarah, as long as they are still friends with each other and sociable I could care less if Sarah jumps on board Shaw’s bandwagon.

Chuck is a show that even in the heaviest of stories has come out as a comedic and fun drama but for a couple weeks now that seems to be never present except for the great pairing of Ellie and Morgan and if this season they don’t find out about our hero we will have a problem. The gig is up, and it returns March 1st after the Olympics.

Kell on Earth – For two weeks, Kelly Cutrone has made my Mondays. By far the funniest and bitchiest hour on the first day of the week, Kelly and her staff provide a fast paced and interesting hour with the past week just being interesting to see what goes into a Fashion Week show and how to get fired from one. This next week, Kelly will travel to London for work and I am sure we will go both to her offices in Paris and LA as the show continues till the first season finale on the 29th of March.

Life Unexpected – Lux, how great you are. “Bong Intercepted” and it was a wild ride to do so, the 4th hour provided a mom-and-daughter brawl that showcased the brilliance of Britt Robertson and the work done by the writing team lead by Liz Teaglaar. The show has kept up the charm and geunineness that I talked about from the first three, and I am just astounded by how well that cast acts as a real family. There is absoultely no hesitation when I watched about if they can pull it off and in each episode we explore more people in there lives like Math, Alice (Erin Kerplunk = awesome), and Ryan who I feel is the sweetest guy on TV and they one that says what is on his mind.

The story is going in a direction I am enjoying and I am so glad that CW is giving this show a chance, they don’t do it often. LUX will continue to air on Mondays but switch to 8/7c on March 1st to make room for the Upper East Siders before it airs its finale happily titled, “Love Unexpected” on April 19th. And if you are wondering, Life Unexpected is very much in the running for a year two, lets cross our fingers but that is not the same fate as Melrose Place.

24 – Jack Bauer, the days are up. After 8 long, long days, of often being right on the side of Jack in his first few days, the 8th needs to be the last. Following a solid four hours, the season is already getting old, and as much of a rockstar Anne Wersching is this new Renee does not work, and the darkness is slowly overtaking the show. CTU has been more the Dana Walsh (Katee Sackhoff) story for the last few hours, and her backstory is so unneeded almost as much as the non-existent President. Let’s just get on to the feature, and be done.

Damages – Patty, Patty, Patty. I miss you. Two stellar hours has now lent itself to some slow stories and not enough Hewes. This last hour was compelling but I do not care yet enough about Campbell Scott’s character to be interested in him accedently running the witness over, or on that line Ellen’s family drama. What I do care about is how Tom gets murdered, how Patty wins the case, and what the heck goes down. When they start focusing back on that, I will be behind it 100%.

White Collar – USA Network, why can’t NBC be more like you, with quality dramas, and creating new shows that are hits and stick. White Collar has been renewed for a second season, and is averaging a nice number of viewers even after moving to its own night. I still really invested in the Kate drama and story of the music box and Neal’s pursuit, and am glad to see that will be played out in the last two episodes of the season, but I wish the episodes were being played in order instead of having to now wait a couple weeks to air some earlier episodes that mark the return of Jonathan Tucker. I also commend the producers for finally having Liz something to do, and even better doing it with Mozzie. Great pair. White Collar will take a break this week but air for three straight weeks till the final on the 9th starting next week.

Lost – Oh, Lost, how I love thee. I first of all want to apologize for not blogging about each episode, but that will return either this week or next. As I did say though, the premiere was a spectacular creation, and as Lost always do they deliver in the beggining and the end, but not always after or before both. That was semi the case with “What Kate Does,” as we settled into the mode of character-centric stories each week. Kate has never been my favorite character to have a episode on and that was reinforced for the first 40 minutes last week. The on-island story was solid and I really want some answers about these new others lead by Dogan. However, the Kate off-island felt a little forced in the helping Claire department. Emile de Ravin is back and I could not be happier that she will be able to act her heart out as Claire, the island warrior it seems, and I can only hope to think of what is next. Lost continues to air until Sunday, May 23rd, but this week we get a Locke-story in “The Substitute.”

The Good Wife – Quality television. End of Sentence, The Good Wife provides a similar niche in court dramas in a compelling and quality driven way. Julianna Margulies is telling us why she won the SAG and Globes while now dealing with the reality of Peter coming home as we left it last week. The Peter appeal case is interesting but I still find myself drawn more to the case of the week, and the firm more, and Christine Baranski always rocks. The last two weeks, first with the bumbling attorney case, and this past with the babysitter murder I felt like there was a thoughtful story behind it, not just the writers throwing out ideas for a case and seeing what lands. Quality, quality television.

The Good Wife starts the cases and story back up on the 2nd of March, with the likes of Alan Cumming, and more.

American Idol – Ellen + Idol + Hollywood Week = total win for the veteran reality competition. Ellen is a fantastic person but I was one that was very hesitant about letting her into the fold. I was pleasantly surpirsed by her demeanor and be funny when I needed to, and serious when I should attitude about Hollywood Week. The only thing I could do without, the group week drama, not interested. The Top 24 are revealed seemingly quickly on Wednesday and the competition begins next Tuesday.

That is my current take, what do you think? What are your favorites right now, and what are you looking forward too in the coming months especially when a huge load of shows return in March? Remember to come back tomorrow for the rest.


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