Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

LOST. A simple world that has become something else in television and pop culture everywhere. That simple word, turned into one of the biggest international hits known, and has transcendent every hurdle it has had to face, from the networks, the time, the story, and it has stayed to true to itself throughout it all.

Tonight, marks the start of the final 18 hours for the island drama, beginning with a clip show narrated by Michael Emerson (Ben), then the two hour premiere episode at 9/8c on ABC.  The series will continue up to its final hour Tuesdays at 9/8c.

I was lucky enough along with an estimated 15000 other fans see the world premiere first hour on the beach in Hawaii on Saturday (where the show is filmed) and I was blown away. Just left shell shocked by just the magnitude of what this show can do. The first hour is a spectacle, full of tears, laughs, and revelations we have only dreamed of knowing the answers too, including one mystery we have had since the first hour of the series.

I will not spoil a drop of the premiere because like me when I watched it, I want you to be as new to the story as I for this season. I hope you did not watch the trailers, the leaks, because this season is meant to be a journey of surprises.

Here is to great times with television and I know that this post is short, partly because I am still on vacation and that all I really have to say is WATCH!

Lost airs tonight at 8/7c with a three-hour event on ABC!


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