Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Tonight, marks the real return of TV in 2010 with plenty of shows to watch:

Chuck – 8/7c on NBC As I hope you watched the tremendous return of this spy comedy last night, you will want to turn into this installment in its regular time and day. In the third hour, Awesome and Ellie get entangled in a dictators trip to Los Angeles, while Casey has a not so happy past with him.

Fringe – 9/8c on FOX Not the usually night for Olivia Dunham’s crew of sci-fi investigators but FOX has decided to air a unaired episode from Season 1 called “Unearthed.” To show you that this episode was from season 1, it includes a perfectly fine Charlie back on the team helping Olivia control the mayhem.

The Big Bang Theory – 9:30/8:30c 2009 was the year of the Bang, but I was not as overly enthused about the show as others. It is funny don’t get me wrong but it is not amazing. I still have high hopes that the funny will continue and tonight Koothrappali goes to the college party to meet girls. Danica McKeller of The Wonder Years guest stars.

Castle – 10/9c on ABC Castle snuck up on me, throughout this fall, I found myself wanting it to be Mondays just for this quirky procedural. Castle and Beckett are a fantastic combo and that is not any different when Castle’s ex, played by Alyssa Milano, comes into a case which throws a knot in Castle’s game plan. As always, hilarity ensues but always with a compelling case to counter it. Great TV!


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