Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Chuck is the best thing on NBC. Not The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, no it is Chuck. Are the first 5 hours evidence of that….

Chuck returns to NBC tonight for a two-hour special première event at 9/8c and then returning to its regular slot on Monday at 8/7c.

I have seen the first 5 hours of season 3 and I can proudly say they are some of the best hours the creative team has done. Fun, action packed, plot moving hours, with of course some great guest stars that pair nicely with the sublime cast.

If you have not seen Chuck, it is about a nerdy guy of the same name out of college who works at a tech store that accidentally gets all the government secrets in his head, so the CIA comes in and use him on missions, without the knowledge of his sister and brother-in-law, coworkers, and everybody else in his life.

Flash to the end of season 2, Chuck is still helping the CIA out from the help of Sarah, his beautiful handler, and Casey, the stubborn worker, but thanks to his father, now has NEW government secrets in his head that allows him to do things he very well could not do before, like say Kung-Fu!

Season 3 picks of a time off since we last saw the crew, and the first two hours that air Sunday (Chuck vs. the Pink Slip and Chuck vs. Three Words) provided great leverage for the story-line that will continue the season, including more Chuck-Sarah romance news, and a new management at the Buy More. Jeffster is still around, as well as Morgan and Big Mike, but sadly Anna was a casualty of the suprising but deserved pick up.

Subsequent hours such as Chuck vs. The Angel of Death, which I loved because it gave Ellie (Sarah Lanchester), Chuck’s sister, some meaty stuff to do, as well as a great guest star in Armand Assante, as a funny but ruthless dictator that has a vendetta against Casey. Angie Harmon shows up in “Chuck vs. Operation Awesome” who plays, what else, a spy that is not interested in Chuck, but something else. The real gem though of the first five episodes comes on January 25th, when Chuck has to arrive on his first solo mission with Stone Cold Steve Austen as well as the adorable and kind Kristin Keurk, who enters as a recurring role. It does what Chuck does best, fun action comedy, nothing to serious, but nothing that makes it not genuine.

Genuine, is a word I think really does sum up Chuck. What you get each moment, what you see on-screen, is what you always get. Chuck never does a low blow, or gives you something that goes against who they are. They are funny, intelligent, and most of all fun!

Please what Chuck, tonight at 9.8c on NBC!


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