Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

The 2010 TV year is in full swing with a ton of shows returning and premiering in the coming weeks. Tonight, two notable returns to talk about.

First, FOX’s cancelled Dollhouse is back on the air for a final three episodes (the series finale airs 1/22). Dollhouse last year was a okay cult favorite, that disappointed me on many leavels. As the second season rolled around, creatavely and visually the show sparked. It was compelling, interesting, and intriguing and now I am sad to think it will no longer be around.

Tonight, Summer Glau (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles) retuns as Topher’s nemisis from DC as well as a spoiler for Echo, as Adelle tries to help Echo from The Attic, all while the mysterious corperation that controls it all unmasks its leader. Sounds juicy!

On ABC, reality takes over for Ugly Betty (which has moved to Wednesdays at 10/9c) in the form of Shark Tank, a ABC summer/fall low performing show about powerful entrepenurs who listen and maybe buy in to citixens inventions and ideas. This summer, I really loved the message and hope protaryed in these struggling people and even more I enjoyed the battles between the “Sharks.” The first of five new episodes however lacks in those battles, but still manages to be interesting by showing us some of the things us Americans think off.

Shark Tank airs at 9/8c on ABC.


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