Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

My favorite show is one of a perilous journey, on a mysterious island that is just about as complex as humans themselves. Lost, ABC’s hit of the decade comes to a close in 2010 with Season 6 but season 5 is released on fantastic DVD and Blu-Ray today.

Lost‘s previous disc sets have been some the best I have ever seen. Each of the 5 discs contain all 17 episodes but the special features are where these shine. As always, “Lost on Location” provides behind-the-scene details from a majority of the episode which I love to watch along with a day in the life of Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) as he finishes the season finale. In a rare instance, Michael Emerson (Ben) takes us to the LA offices of the show (the hit films entirely in Hawaii), to meet the writers, editors, and people who make the show happen.

Bloopers as always are included, as well as a video made in old-time quality on Dharma, the mysterious corporation which has ties to the island.

I love Lost, and this DVD is a must own for any fan. Season 6 begins Tuesday, February 2nd at 8/7c on ABC but catch up and relive the show TODAY!


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