Watching Way Too Much TV For You!


Michael Courtney / The CW ©2009

The CW is having a not so great fall except for the great ratings, and suprisingly great show The Vampire Diaries, and no thanks to the terrible ratings of Melrose Place (Please Heather Locklear bring in viewers to this soapy drama!), but come January 18th, it will have one creative force to reckon with.

Life Unexpected, a drama about Lux (Brittany Roberston), a orphane looking to get emancipated but gets rolled in to her biological parents (Kristoffer Polaha and Shiri Appleby), will bow on Monday, January 18th according to TheTVShowGirl with an unknown timeslot to be announced soon.

I am hoping for it to air after One Tree Hill which I think will be the most compatiple show with Gossip Girl moving to Wednesdays after America’s Next Top Model.

UPDATE: TheWrap is reporting that LUX will “preview” on Mondays at 9/8c for a couple of weeks beginning on the 18th while Gossip Girl takes a break but will move to a permanent timeslot later which unknown and could end up being on Mondays.

I am so glad The CW has the same amount of confidence in this show as I do!


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