Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Fine TV continues and ends through the weekend, including what hopefully will be a good MLB postseason (go Angels and Dodgers), but her is some scripte fare to watch out for….


Monk – 9/8c Friday on USA: It is hard to believe that in just a month and a half, Mr. Monk will close his final case. Monk has and always will hold a special place in my hear, and it hurts me to know that the mystery of Trudy will be solved in a good way. Wow, the truth about Trudy, what could it be? It is the beginning of the end tonight with an episode entitled “Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk” which features new recurring guest star Virginia Madsen. Get ready for next week though when SHARONA IS BACK!

Stargate Universie – 9/8c Friday on Syfy: Did you check out the new Stargate series? It is a fine space drama and tonight lack of power goes noticed in a episode called “Darkness.”


Psych – 10/9c Friday on USA (Fall Finale): To make room for USA’s new great character drama White Collar that premieres next week, Psych is taking a little breather until January. The fall finale is action packed and surrounds Jules, Gus, Spencer, and Lanchester searching for a missing and shot Shawn. Psych is a show that does an awesome job in mixing comedy and drama and that is on display here. Plus, for all of your Jules/Shawn shippers, expect some revealing stuff tonight.

Storm Chasers – 10/9c Sunday on Discovery: I am a fan of Discovery Channel. I love there action packed programming but the problem is I never make anything appointment TV except for this fall’s great The Colony. That might change now with the premiere of Storm Chasers. I have seen the first two episodes and it is such an adrenaline rush to watch these guys who are so fun battle it out. Make sure to put this on the DVR, because it is well worth it.

Brothers & Sisters – 10/9c Sunday on ABC: To finish your weekend off in a dramatic fashion is a show that has revatilived what is is. Brothers and Sisters marks the return of Sarah (Rachel Griffiths was on maternity leave) with a more funny and romantic stories than the past episodes. Last week was phenomenal with surperb acting tongether by Rob Lowe and Sally Field, but another pair shines tonight as Gilles Marni joins the cast as someone Sarah met in France. The episode does not shy away from Kitty’s treatment as she goes into her first session, but also focuses on Sarah’s escapades (even the shows titles are changed to the french, Frères et Soeurs).

Also in the hour is Rebecca, Holly, and Nora searching for the perfect wedding venue which will take place between her and Justin on December 6th, so mark your calendars for the return of Marion Ross as Justin’s granny and Tommy and Julia for the ceremony.


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