Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

LOL. Those three letters are just the simplicity and easiest way to describe Modern Family and a comedy vet is joining the crew tonight…

117761_5370_preWhat ABC says about “The Incident”:

Emmy Award Winning Actress Shelley Long (“Cheers,” “The Money Pit”) Guest Stars as Dede Pritchett

“The Incident” – Claire and Mitchell’s mother, Dede, drops in for a surprise visit and is determined to make amends with everyone she offended during what has been deemed “the incident” at Jay and Gloria’s wedding. Needless to say, no one is thrilled to see her and everything comes to a head when the whole family shows up to dinner at Claire’s house, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

117737_0150_preThis is my favorite new show this year to premiere (I have to wait for V does after its fantastic pilot). It is the funnies thing I have seen in years, and by the far the best comedy to come on television in the last 5 years. ABC must be loving it too but giving it a full 22 episode season and by getting some big names, one of which shows up tonight. Cheers vet Shelley Long guest stars and will likely recur as Dede, Jay’s ex-wife, and Claire and Mitchell’s mother.

The episode is brilliant for the beggining cold open to the end which left me literally trying to breath for air after laughing so hard. Dede comes home because she is trying to reconclie for “the incident” which caused a rift in the family and cost her her relashonship with Jay’s new wife Gloria. Mitchell is the mom’s boy and tries to help her out in any way I can which leads to the funniest scene in the series so far. Be sure to check out a special feauture on after the episode and you will see exactly what it is after the episode.

Modern Family airs tonight at 9.8c on ABC and be sure to go to that evening for my recap of the episode.


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