Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

117218_062_preFlashForward and Grey’s Anatomy made big ratings last ABC for good reason, they are both quality reason the exact same reason you should be watching FlashForward tonight. But that reason has not been one always to watch Private Practice, which returns tonight at 10/9c.

The premiere episodes follows in the wake of Viloet’s (Amy Brenneman) getting cut open for her baby by a psycho. The episode is fantastic. A beautiful piece of TV, and one of the best premieres this year. The episode has great acting, and story but the real gem of the episode is in its construction, the direction the story is told is original, and intriguing. In the beginning you might think that the way the episode progresses might get old but in the end you are left wanting a lot more.

The acting by Kate Walsh, Audra McDonald, Paul Adelstein, Tim Daly, and Amy Brenneman is superb and the episode will leave you in tears in such a great way.

Private Practice airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC.


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