Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

the-mentalist-red-johns-friendsTonight continues the premiere week spectacle with particually to great premieres. First let me talk about CBS’s huge hit The Mentalist. It premieres tonight at a new day and time Thursdays at 10/9c with a fantastic lead in and some stellar new cast. CSI is bringing back my favorite Sara Sidle (Jorga Fox) which might actually make me tune back in, but the Mentalist brought in the fantastic chracter actor Terry Kinney (Oz) as Agent Bosco taking over the Red John case with the rest of his team who we meet in episode 2. He brings a sense of awkward ness in Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) lives and hinders his work with Agent Lisbon and the team.

FF1The case in the premiere episode is interesting and acts as a primer case for any new fans to the show but also gives more back story to Jane’s life. By the end of last season The Mentalist came to me as a suprise, I came every week wanting to see it more and more, and I am so glad it is back. A new show on tonight is FlashForward, a drama about the planet’s population losing consciousness for over 2 minutes. You can check out my review here but let me say….

I hope you tune in, if you stick with it through the powerful first two acts to the very end you will be sucked in to a mystery I hope works. The show airs at 8/7c on ABC. Airing after is the first two hours of a new season of Grey’s Anatomy, I am currently ending season 2 of Grey’s watch so I am not at season 6 yet but I am hearing the hours are well made, and maybe will redeem the show from some lackluster years.

Also, are you watching Survivor? Are you as intrigued am I of the craziness that is Russell? Just wow.

Thursdays are big, and they are only getting bigger.


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