Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

New & Returning Shows for 9/23

Remember to tune into these shows tonight –

modern-familyModern Family – 9/8c on ABC If you want to tune into one new show this fall, this is the one. By far the funniest thing around about three couples and their family, this comedy will make you laugh at loud. ABC needs this to be a hit, and it deserves to be.  My review here.

Cougar Town – 9:30/8:30c on ABC Another funny sitcom that I enjoyed that is a great vehicle for Courthey Cox. Funny, and just stick around after Modern Family. My review here.

Eastwick – 10/9c on ABC Soary drama is one of the things ABC is know for and Eastwick fits with the brand nicely. It is by no means a great show but some mindless entertainment at the end of primetime. My review here.

Mercy – 8/7c on NBC Nurse drama with bad writing but okay acting. Is that your cup of tea. My review here.

New Adventures of Old Christine – 8/7c on CBS This is still one of my favorite comedies on the air and after last season’s hilarious finale with Barb (Wanda Sykes) getting deported and New Christine leaving at the alter.

Glee – 9/8c on FOX I have seen some of the songs on tonight’s episode. A must watch.


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