Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

More premieres, more TV….’s Kitchen – 8/7c on FOX An all new season of Gordon Ramsey’s attitude starts tonight with a two hour episode. Is the show still worth watching? I gave up after two years.

90210 – 8/7c on The CW Did anybody stick it out to episode two and think it was as bad as I did? I am going to see if people enjoy some more episodes before I dive in to the craziness that is Annie’s crash, Naomi’s loves, and West Bev.

Dancing the Stars – 8/7c on ABC I am over Dancing but did watch a dance or two last night and was not impressed. I will though watch Melissa Joan Hart’s performance tonight because she will always be my “Teenage Witch.” Love her.

Melrose Place – 9/8c on The CW Please watch. I beg you, the show is fantastic, Katie Cassidy is brilliant and it can only get better that the “Bitch” herself Amanda Woodward played by Heather Locklear will return in November as get this Ella’s boss. Yes, yes, and yes!

NCIS: Los Angeles – 9/8c on CBS Check out my review here.  This maybe the biggest premiere of the season. Ratings wise, not creatively, or critically, just the amount of viewers many  of which that will be 49 or older for two reasons. CBS, and NCIS. It has the strongest network and a fan base already built in. The premiere is not bad, Linda Hunt is funny and needed, but it just nothing. Mindless fun, but there is better fun on at 9/8c. That is right go to The CW.

the-good-wifeThe Good Wife – 10/9c on CBS Check out my review here.  I urge you to check out The Good Wife tonight because it was my biggest surprise of the season. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this legal drama about a scorned politician’s wife. It is smart, emotional, and intriguing what is better with Julianna Margalius and some Christine Baranski.

Warehouse 13 – 9/8c on Syfy It is the season finale tonight and if I have to wait until next summer for more of this great dramedy I will be upset because the season finale is fantastic. Roger Rees plays a great villain and the season ties up well with a you will not see this coming kind of twist ending that makes me want to see more. Right now preferably. Great show for the summer and I want it back.

The Forgotten – 10/9c on ABC Check out my review here. I am not going to play the joke that you should forget “the forgotten,” because you shouldn’t if you are a fan of the genre it’s not bad. Christian Slater has no enemy in this one, and the supporting cast works but will I be watching. Nah, just not that interesting.


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