Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Lots of great new TV tonight including another premiere by the CW and a finale.

tblThe Beautiful Life: TBL – 9/8c on The CW

The last of the new show premieres on the CW is here. TBL is about the New York modeling world and you can check out my review here. I only saw the 25 minute presentation but I am really looking forward to seeing the full pilot because there is potential here. The chemistry with the lead Sara Paxton and the male characters is great and Misha Barton is used perfectly in the pilot as is Elle McPherson. If you are watching Top Model stay around for TBL, and if you are not still check it out.

Top Chef: Las Vegas – 10/9c on Bravo Was last week’s episode the best episode ever? Is this season the best season ever? I think it might just be. Las Vegas has been on fire with delivering great challenges and people this year and I think that will continue with an out in the desert challenge that will put the chefs to the limits in the elements.

Wipeout – 8/7c on ABC The season finale tonight of a consistently funny show. Record it just for a laugh now and again when you need it.

102glee_acafellas_gr07Glee – 9/8c on FOX Another show that has been yet to be not funny or sweet is GLEE! Tonight, the men form a acapella group that features appearances by Alias‘s Victor Garber as Will’s dad and Josh Groban as himself. Nobody has seen this yet but with music like Mercy and Bust the Windows, how could it not be great.

So You Think You Can Dance – 8/7c on FOX Did you hear? The Shank, Adam Shankman will be a permanent judge on the table this fall season. I love him but I am a little worried that that will mean no judging by my fave Debbie Allen. Nigel has said they may add fourth guest judges some weeks although it won’t be every week. More auditions this week and if it is anything like last week there will be some great talent!


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