Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

This fall brings new dramas and comedies, new loves, and new hopes, so here is the rundown on what too watch, and what too avoid this fall. Now, ABC is trying something bold, 4 new comedies all by themselves the second of which is a throwback to the good ol’ days of Rosanne with a family comedy surrounded by Patricia Heaton. Does it score….

117068_D_0248_preABC Says:

The Hecks are a middle class family living in the middle of Indiana, just trying to keep their heads above water. Emmy-winner Patricia Heaton stars as a wife and mother of three in a comedy about raising a family and lowering your expectations.

Atticus Shaffer as Brick

Atticus Shaffer as Brick

The Good: ABC is taking a gamble on Wednesdays nights this fall and it overall wins (see that later with Modern Family and Cougar Town) but misses the mark on one. The Middle honors its title by falling right in the middle of the pack. The comedy is funny and smart, it is nothing new and remarkable. It is just a family comedy centering around the mother played by the funny Patricia Heaton. Heaton however is not the star in this sitcom. That honor goes to Atticus Shaffer who plays the youngest Brick. He is funny, adorable, and awkward, the perfect combo. The rest of the cast is strong with Chris Kattan and Neil Flynn, but….

The Not So Good: like I said it is nothing new. I just felt after watching that this is just some thing you could watch or not. It would not make a difference but come this fall I will be turning it to start my Wednesday comedy block because you always need a good family laugh.

The Middle airs at 8:30/7:30 after Hank and before Modern Family on ABC Wednesdays starting September 30th.


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