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The Cast of Top Chef 6: Las Vegas

The Cast of Top Chef 6: Las Vegas

Some shows make you cry, some make you laugh, some very rarely make you just happy. Top Chef, Bravo’s hit food competition series, does just that. It is happy television. The show which has turned in to quite a phenomenon for the food world and for Bravo is back with its sixth cycle tonight at 9/8c (special time), and the setting is Vegas! Yea baby!

Top Chef: Las Vegas features 17 new chefs vying for the price, the most of any season, and as Vegas is go big or go home, the contestants will have even bigger prizes to compete for, and that cannot be afraid to gamble. The contestants this year are eclectic as ever with for the first time brothers competing against each other. Some notable and favorite contestants this year are:

Robin Leventhal – The older competitor this year that has been battling cancer for a long time. She has got a fiery personality that does not hold back against the other chefs. Could be a blast.

Mattin Noblia – The frenchman is so fun to watch with his great accent and kiddie feel.

Michael Voltaggio – 1/2 of the brothers, this one is the more fiercely competitive one and I cannot wait for those good old house fights.

Jesse Sandlin – Jesse fills the “no culinary school,” tattooed woman that loves to cook and has a real passion.


Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio

The premiere episode which is a 75 min special followed by the season finale of Top Chef Masters, is a joy ride of culinary battles. The first episode finds the chefs showing there culinary voice in a unique way. The food looks great and all the contestants are somewhat decent with no real bad one standing out which makes for the judging to be tense.

Speaking of the judging, one of the best parts of the show has not changed. Padma and Top are both back as the host and judge respectively, but the Emmys would disagree with that. They have this real chemistry together when they co-host that is really fun. Gail Simmions and Toby Young will both switch out as the third judge this season as they did last year, which was a nice change of pace from time to time. The guest judge panel will rotate through very big stars this season with the likes of Wolfgang Puck in the first episode and someone like Natalie Portman in later episodes.

Overall, this maybe the best season yet and I am so on for the ride!

Top Chef: Las Vegas airs tonight at 9/8c followed by Top Chef: Masters at 10:15/9:15 on Bravo. It will then air in its regular time slot 10/9c for the rest of the season.


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