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Comic Con is Coming!

300.comic.con.logo.052708If you do not know what is happening on Wednesday in the Pop Culture/TV world, I do not know where you have been. Well if you don’t, San Diego is hosting once again Comic-Con which was once only for the hardcore comic readers and gamers but now is becoming a full fledged TV event.

Comic Con is a great place to hear what news and interesting tidbits from the upcoming season. Also if you are a fan of spoilers there will be no shortage. Such pilots like V, The Vampire Diaries, Hunman Target, Eastwick, and more will be showing at Con which will sure bring a lot of recaps and videos of the events.

Sadly I will not be attending this year, so to get all your latest news here are some Twitters and sites that will for sure be recapping all the panels.

@mytakeontv ( Amrie will be there and I am sure she will share her favorite moments.

@raelee ( Rae is attending and she always shares insightul Twitters

@theTVaholic ( Jason is attenting his first Comic-Con this year. Check him out during the week.

@televisionary ( Jace is a great resorce for TV news and information from the inside or the industry. Check him out.

@DarkUFO – Lost news and surprises will all be covered here. Follow!

Here are some other Twitters of interest –







All always sites like tvguidemagazine,, and will all be covering the news out of it so stay tuned and I will be posting also all the biggest news like great castings, news from LOST, and full videos of panels if they become available.


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