Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

TNT so far is the place to be on basic cable for a consistent source for summer drama on TV that is new and original.

First, Leverage starts its second season. Last winter was by far my favorite new cable show by a mile. It is fun, original, fast paced, and all around a joy to watch. The second season premiere is no exception. The show starts after a decent number of months after we last saw the team split apart. A situation involving Nate (Timothy Hutton) brings the group together again and they realize why they love this people so much.

The premiere drags at some points but the humor and acting bring it up to be a great hour of the seires. The best, no, but up there, yes. Check it out and here is a 2 minute preview of the new season starting tonight at 9/8c.

Second is a new drama from uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer called Dark Blue. It stars Dylan McDermott and Logan Marshall Green as member as a very underground group of undercover cops. They make there own rules and that creates many problems. I saw the premiere episode a couple weeks ago and after thinking about it I really enjoyed it. It is by far not as good as other action shows such as Leverage, but it is a good start to a series with lots of potential. I enjoyed the gritty nature of the pilot with its dark undertones and mystery surrounding the team. Here is a preview of the series that airs at 10/9c.


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