Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

NUP_131080_0304It is the end of an era or so they hope. Today marks a new dawn for the Sci-Fi channel, it is now SyFy. The new identity is supposedly going to end the reputation of bad cheesy TV movies and to reconfirm the idea that they have great dramas like Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Eureka, and now Warehouse 13.

Tonight at 9/8c, starts its new show for the summer called Warehouse 13. It is a mix of comedy with some out there drama about two banished FBI agents to a South Dakota plain land to monitor sci-fi activity and bring what they can back to “Warehouse 13” a storage facility for all things out of the ordinary. The show stars Joanne Kelly from the great but short-lived FOX series Vanished and Eddie McClintock (Bones) as the two lead FBI agents with the always great Saul Rubinek as the landlord for the Warehouse. Also showing up is the usually awesome (not in Brothers) CCH Pounder as a recurring FBI boss.

I watched the hour and a half pilot on a hot summer night and I can say it was the best thing I could have done. It is the best show to watched when you just want to lay back and watch a fun but engaging hour of TV. The show mixes the supernatural with the humor and banter of the two leads who just have this great underlying comedy similarly to Booth and Bones on Bones. The show borders on the ridiculous in the last half hour of the pilot but it coupled with great comedy and drama that you do not really care. Warehouse 13 is a great addition to SyFy already stellar lineup. Check this one out.


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