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Modern Family

Modern Family

Are you ready? In a little over two months, more than 12 new series will premiere on broadcast TV. Here is a poll about out of the top 5 most buzzed comedies this fall (most on ABC!), which interest you the most? Leave a comment to tell me why!

1. Modern Family

2. Cougar Town

3. The Middle

4. Community

5. Accidentally on Purpose


Comments on: "Fall TV Poll: Which new comedy are you most looking forward too?" (3)

  1. 1. Modern Family ~ not even remotely interested.

    2. Cougar Town ~ I’d give it a shot … but eh.

    3. The Middle ~ WTH? Is this a reality show about every single person who lives in every house on every block in the US?HAH! No thanks, I can sit on my front stoop and see that.

    4. Community ~ I couldn’t even find anything online about this show.

    5. Accidentally on Purpose ~ And another no on this one.

    Nothing really grabs me at all with this list. Sadly, nothing that’s coming out new is really grabbing me at all. Could be I’m jaded from the all too soon cancellations of decent shows though.

    I look forward to hearing your take on these though!

  2. Modern Family and Community both have me really excited based on their promos, and I have faith at least one of them will hold a permanent slot in my viewing schedule. Cougar Town could go either way for me depending entirely on the intelligence of the writing. Accidentally on Purpose and The Middle seem cliched.

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