Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night was a great night for summer TV. First off the always funny Wipeout was TWO hours long and better than ever. But the really great TV came on FOX and Bravo.

adeMelissaContemp090609-SYTYCD_1053So You Think You Can Dance unvielled their Top 20 last week and now they have preformed. The episode was extraordinary. Every performance brought it. I cried, I laughed, and it was just as always inspiring. Mary, Adam, and Nigel were on top of it with the judging. I have really grown to love Adam Shankman, and would welcome him back any time. What did you think? As good as I thought it was? Tell me.

Upcoming Chef Masters

Upcoming Chef Masters

Also on last night was the series premiere of Bravo’s Top Chef spinoff Top Chef: Masters. While the show keeps the same format of Quickfire then Eliminations, all other is change. New host in the wonderful Kelly Choi, new judges including the great Gael Greene, and a tweaked contestant formant. 4 contestants a week with one moving on to the championship round. I found the premiere to be great. Fun, beautiful, and the food looked great. The chefs and the critics provided many great moments for the audience.. What did you think? Do you welcome the change or want Padma and Tom back in the original (Top Chef 6: Las Vegas comes to us in the fall)?


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  2. I have LOVED SYTYCD since it’s inception … jeez are we in season FIVE already? I really like the top 20, and I’m looking forward to learning more about them each week. There are several that are among my ‘FAVES’ already!!! Looking forward to the next several weeks of excellent dancing!

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