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NURSE JACKIEOnce in a long while a show comes along that is both funny but serious, sad but you smile, and has characters that are so wrong but for some reason at the same time so right. Monday that show comes along with Nurse Jackie. Nurse Jackie premieres Monday on Showtime following the season premiere of Weeds at 10.

Nurse Jackie stars Edie Falco (The Sopranos) as Jackie Peyton the chief nurse at a New York City Hospital that is a really messed up character. She has a husband (Dominic Fumusa) and two kids, but also is “sorta dating” the medical tech (Paul Schulze) at work and taking pharmaceutical drugs at every possible moment. She is surround by loyal but interesting characters in their own right. Her best friend is Dr. O’hara (Eva Best), a rich snobby beautiful British doctor that loves expensive things and to always control the situation. Two other people surround her in the OR in a positive way, Mo-Mo (Haaaz Sleiman), her gay nurse pal, and Zoey (Merrit Wever), a brand new nurse that is so sweet but is stuck at the wrong hospital. Also in her life is Dr. Cooper (Peter Facinelli), a just out of med-school doc that rubs Jackie the wrong way, and Mrs. Gloria Akalitus (played by the great to see back on TV, Anne Deavere Smith), the boss around the hospital that does all the wrong things for the patients.


I have seen the first six episodes of this 12-episode season and all I can say is with every episode I loved this show more and more. It has such heart and inspiration in the most wrong and messed up way that you can’t help but be fascinated by what goes on in Jackie head. The show offers a nice balance of hospital story with great guests like Swoosie Kurtz, Blythe Danner, and Victor Garber, with Jackie’s personal problems like her almost-teenage daughter going through something not so pleasant. 

Overall, the show is a success and you should be watching. If don’t have Showtime yet don’t worry, below is the first episode but make sure to catch the weeks to come at 10:30/9:30c on Mondays.

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