Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

I know I say this a lot but sorry for not posting that much as of late. I started a new job yesterday so I am just getting my footing. I hope to start getting the schdule down so I can post on everything TV related that is coming this summer which suprisingly not much. 

For now, I want to know what you thought of some of the new shows and returning that started in the last day or two?!

First off is MENTAL. I watched the pilot last weekend and was not pleased with it at all. I thought the enviorimnet, the story, and the acting was not all that great but from what I heard last night people overall were mixed. What were your thoughts and is it worth a second look? One thing MENTAL has going for it is it does have the always great Jacqueline McKensise. Love her!

wipeoutTonight, ABC was in full force. First bringing back one of my favorite summer series WIPEOUT. I love me some big balls and the premiere was fantastic. The contestants were as wacky as ever, the obstacles were better than ever, and there were more big balls than ever. The show just brings a smile to my face each time I watch and I am thinking about watching it again just for the laughs. Plus, the hosting on the show is great thanks to funny commentary from Jill Wagner, John Henson, and John Anderson. Keep it up! Now what did you think?

The_Goode_Family_castAlso on ABC tonight was the series premiere of THE GOODE FAMILY. I watched the pilot a couple weeks ago and I really could not finish it. I thought it was un-funny and un-appealing. That is pretty much it but the reaction I have heard is positive. Your thoughts? Was I missing something?

What other summer premieres are you looking forward too? And here is a nice little tidbit, it was just announced that PSYCH on USA will return on August 7th. Yah, more Shawn and Gus! Keep looking tonight was a link to an advanced viewing of an awesome new summer series!


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