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The cast of Glee

The cast of Glee

This may be a very weird thing for a network to do, airing the pilot of a new show in the spring, and then premiering in the fall. Well, that is exactly what FOX is doing this Tuesday for the new musical comedy Glee. Glee lives up to its title in the way that it brings glee to my heart every time I think about this heartfelt, fun, and funny show. 



Matthew Morrison as Will

Matthew Morrison as Will

Glee is about a glee club in Southern Calafornia that is an eclectic group of outcasts, jocks, and theater kids. They are all lead by a Spanish teacher (Matthew Morrison) that wants these kids to have a purpose and to feel joy in this superficial world. The pilot that will air Tuesday after Idol is all about all the kids to make up the club and make them all band together and create friendships. The show is about two things music and comedy.


In the comedy department the always funny Jane Lynch as the cheerleading coach that plays both some comic relief and the school “villian” towards the glee club. But the main feature of the show is how they will incorparate music, both oldies and recent hits. In the pilot, there is a really great remix of ‘Rehab’ as well as a brilliant ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

The cast is top notch all the high school kids provide great realistic potrayls of the teenager most notably Cory Monteith as the jock Finn that really just wants to sing and Lea Michele as the soon-to-be all around actress, singer, dancer, that all the other girls just do not get. The adults are a focal point in the show to. Matthew Morrison and Jessalyn Gilsig play a great strained couple where the wife wants more attention that the man does not want to give, and Jayma Mays as the quirky teacher that wants to be closer to our heroin Will but he can’t let her.

Overall the show fires on all cylinders and hits the right note every single time. It provides a great mixture of the serious, the sad, and the funny. It makes me wish I did not have to wait till September to see episode two where the rest of the season will feature such guests Kristen Chenoweth and Victor Garber. For me, I am so “glee-ful!”


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