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John Noble and Joshua Jackson on Fringe

John Noble and Joshua Jackson on Fringe

When I sat down tonight to watch the season finale of Fringe, I was excited but was not expecting what I got. After finishing it over an hour ago, I am still blown away about how amazingly awesome the finale was. It presented us with an amazing cliff hanger, awesome reveals, great stars, and jumping off points for season two. Check out a couple of my comments below so if you have NOT SEEN THE EPISODE DO NOT CLICK.

Leonard Nimoy as William Bell

Leonard Nimoy as William Bell

First of all, Leonard Nimoy is all over the place. First last weekend in the beyond brilliant Star Trek movie and now in Wiliam Bell on Fringe. Even in two lines he presented us with a great character that will sure be a revealing one next season. 



Second, the final shot. How ballsy and amazing was the Twin Towers. When are we and when did Fringe start to turn into Lost? The elevator was a so called soft spot meaning that Olivia went to a different dimension. Has Nina been there before? I cannot wait to see more of the great Blair Brown as Nina and she had a very meaty role tonight. 

Lastly, the gravestone! WTF!! OMFG!! Peter died. At 7 years old. When is Peter from? Did Walter know all along? This esplains that fact that Peter can never remember anything from his childhood because he did not have one. I am so excited to see what is to come.

Now, what are you thoughts? What did you think of the big year? Are you excited for the year to come? I loved what EW’s Ken Tucker said tonight,  “Fringe has vaulted to the upper reaches of current television.” I could not agree more, and it sure is to be a long and exciting ride.


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