Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Monday night kicked off finale week. For the next two weeks almost every show will close out the season.

004126nj0Tonight, The Big Bang Theory delivered in their finale, while it was a little cliche, I found it hilarious and really set the show off for the season with a great ending with the group, and more Penny and Leonard romance. What did you think?

brittany-snow-gossip-girl-spin-offGossip Girl while not a finale was actually quite opposite. Tonight was the backdoor pilot of the “Untitled GG Spinoff” featuring a 80’s Lily Rhodes and her crazy antics in the Valley. I enjoyed the episode and especially the new cast but I do not think I would enjoy it as a every week hour of TV. What did you think and how great was it to see Lost‘s Cynthia Watros again? Love her!

0000053236_20081110134251Castle had their finale and I am hearing a lot of people are wanting a second season and I am with you. The show is consistently funny, interesting, and fun. I think it could be a hit for ABC if given exposure and time. What did you think?

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Comments on: "What Did You Think?: Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory, Castle" (1)

  1. I didn’t watch GG or Big Bang, but Castle was fantastic! I hope the ratings actually correlate to the quality of an episode for once! It really needs to be renewed for a second season and not just because of the cliff hanger!

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