Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

I have had tons of thoughts in my head and I finally getting down to posting them on the site. 



Why Fringe is Must See TV: Tonight’s episode of Fringe was just the perfect example of why the show just got renewed for a second year. It mixed the overall story and the mystery of the week perfectly, gave us a tease of next weeks finale, and was just all around scary and fun. It was so nice to see Blair Brown back as Nina Sharp seeing as she is a series regular and she got some good stuff this week. The producers have said she will play a big role in the coming weeks and years of the show and they showed it in the end of the episode. Plus, a perfect Star Trek tie in. Next week is the big finale plus the reveal of William Bell!

chris-odonnell-set_lWhy I was watching NCIS: As you may know, the last two weeks NCIS has been airing “Legend” the two part backdoor pilot that will serve as the launch of the new unitled spinoff to air in the fall. I loved it. I have never seen a single episode of NCIS but jumped right in. The new cast is great, Louise Lombard is the perfect boss, and the rest are just the supporting players that hold the whole show together. The case was really stong and had the perfectly time reveals that kept the interest. Looking forward to this one for sure!

100-questionsWhy you should not make a judgement on “100 Questions” yet: As you have heard NBC unveiled some of the new pickups for next season and the reception has been very good. All the trailers caught my interest and surprised me with some things. One trailer that people seem to be down on is “100 Questions.” I have read the script of the show and it was the best comedy this year and the funniest. The trailer did not show the show correctly and I think you should give the show a chance when it comes to TV either on Tuesday or Thursday this fall. More reasons, they are recasting and going to reshoot soon.  

Look for a more TV news and reviews tomorrow!


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