Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

285_nbc_logo_07260732It is that time a year again, the time where networks unviel the next year’s pickings in the world of TV and as last year NBC is getting way ahead of the curve. Monday NBC will host their presentations with the other networks the week of May 18th. Lots of rumors and unoffical news this weekend and here is the rundown.

  1. Southland, the rookie cop drama which I am loving starring Ben McKensie, will be picked up for a second season. I for one am really glad because it is one of the best shows to come out new in recent years.
  2. Parks and Recreation will also be picked up for a sophmore run. I am actually really enjoying the show, but seemed to be in the minority.
  3. Nikki Finke at DeadlineHollywoodDaily is also reporting that Law and Order and Medium will all get renewed for 13 episode seasons, but right now this is not set in stone. She is also saying that the fantastic Chuck will get picked up for a third year. Lets hope this stays true until Monday.
  4. My Name is Earl is having a batter this weekend. The production company and NBC are in talks to bring the dying comedy back for a full season. If this does not happen which would be great, FOX is ready to pick it up.
  5. On the new show side, the locks are Parenthood, which I have read the script and is awesome and stars Peter Krause and Maura Tierney, plus Trauma, a new medical show that I thought had a very good script. Also on the drama side announcements won’t be made on Monday but Legally Mad and Day One are still in the mix for pickups and might be announced later in the month.
  6. On the comedy side, Community, starring Chevy Chase and Joel McHale, is a lock for pickup. It is about grown people at community college. Also considered a lock, 100 Questions for Charlotte Payne, which had an amazing script. Go Charlotte. Plus, Off Duty is still hot.
  7. The new post-apocalyptic pilot from Lost producer Jesse Alexander, Day One might be posed to be picked up to…..miniseries. Buzz is it might start after the end of the winter games on Feb 28th. I do not know wether if successful it would continue to series. I liked the script and the miniseries idea is great. 

Stay on the site for the latest updates throughout the month and the week. Also, follow my Twitter for continuous news.


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