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Sorry for the lack of posts this two days but sometimes life just gets ahead of you, but thank you for all the support for the site. These past two days have been some of the biggest days for the site, and that means a lot to mean. Also, their will be some change to the site in the coming days. I will hopefully get the WordPress out of the site domain so stay tune for that, also I think you might have notice the new blue look to the site. And one more thing, if anybody out their would like to make a logo for the site, I would be in debt for you forever! Just send the designs through the contact page at the top. Now my reviews of this week in Idol, and what was one of the best hours of TV in a long time…..


Chuck – Chuck vs the Ring  This episode was easily the best episode in the series short but awesome history. I found myself immersed in the world of Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Ellie, Awesome, and the Buy More team. The finale hit all the right chords including the emotional, the action, the game changing, and the mix of all. Everything tied together nicely to one tight successful gift that was season 2 of Chuck and lets just hope we get another gift in season 3. There is not much I can say about the finale other than it was amazing. I cried during the beach wedding scene, I was laugh and crying during the finale battle, and I guess my last words are “Chuck Me!”

American Idol – Top 5  It was a very good night overall. I liked almost everybody except for put the Go-in-Gokey Danny. He is just so bland and has absolutely no appeal. Adam was once again incredible and I agree with Simon had the best opening in ages for a performance. Plus, how could he be in the bottom 2? What the hell happened?  I am beyond horrified at the prospect. Vote people, vote! Kris and Allison again delivered very solid songs and I can’t help but notice Simon will never say that can make it in the music business and that is what holding them back. The elimination = not surprising and it was Matt’s time to go. 


Sonya Walger

Sonya Walger

As I am posting this Lost‘s ending its 100th hour (on the east) and did it deliver with the reveals you want? Do you love Daniel Faraday now? Share your thoughts below.


Plus, you might have seen “flash” promos tonight during the show and did not know what they were for. They are actually for a new show premiering in the fall on ABC called Flash Forward. I have read the script and it was amazing, absolutely amazing. The show is just fascinating and has a great cast including Lost‘s “Penny” Sonya Walger. Go to and answer the question. It is important. Look out for more of the promos in the coming weeks.


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