Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

I have seen some of tonight’s TV and I wanted to share my two cents with you. Check out some picks for this Sunday.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 9/8c on USA  Law and Order: CI has always been a really great L&O spinoff thanks to the great detectives. Vincent D’Onofrio and Kaythrn Urbe, and now Julianne Nicholson and Jeff Goldblum. I was not too impressed with Sunday’s premiere but this week with the addition of Mr. Goldblum is a rocking night. He adds such a great element to the show and has some great scenes especially with Julianne Nicholson. He adds this snark to the case that is just so fun to watch. You have to check out the episode which is all about a house full of musicians and that underground world.

In Plain Sight – 10/9c on USA  In Plain Sight was a show that I did not expect to like when it premiered last summer, but it really grew on me and I was so excited for Miss Mary McCormack to come back last summer. While, the premiere was not the best, this week gets the show back into the groove. Most of the episode is about Mary being shadowed by a psychologist, and it reveals so much about her character and is so great to hear her flaws. Really revealing and fun episode, check it out!

Sarah Jane Morris

Sarah Jane Morris

Brothers & Sisters – 10/9c on ABC  Tonight with the Walkers I bet will be a very teary one. In the episode marked “Julia,” we say good by to Julia Walker and by that I mean Sarah Jane Morris who is a very awesome underused actress. While this episode might not be her last for the duration of the series, we will not be seeing her the rest of the season or most likely for a very long time. Sarah Jane should be happy almost because now she can move on to a project that surrounds her and she can really show of her talent. Also, while I have not seen this week, I did see next week’s episode which did not relate anyway to this week, it was a great episode especially for Sarah and Holly. You can look forward to that now.

In Treatment – 9/8c on HBO Give this show some Emmys right now. I am enamored with In Treatment because it is such a real and raw show that I can not get enough of it. Allison Pill is ridiculously good as April and I cry every time she is on the air. Her acting along with everybody else on the show is just top notch. We are now in Week 4 and the story is just heating up.


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