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Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Tonight was the first week with no save in play on the hit American Idol. Were you happy with the results? Last night was a very succesful night for Idol. Almost all of the performances were worth watching and one I could not even watch it was so painful. Here are my thoughts on the elimnation and the performances from Top 7 Redux Disco Night.

Lil Rounds

Lil Rounds

Adam Lambert: OMFG. This guy is amazing. I say it every week but it is just a joy to watch him each week. I loved the judges comments this week because they know he is the best and now they are just reassuring it for the public. Amazing, plain and simple.

Kris Allen: Again, Kris was great. “She Works Hard For the Money” was so original and refreshing to see. He has such a joy and presence on stage that is just effectious. He is defiently top 3 material.

Allison Iraheta: She has the “Hot Stuff,” another awesome vocal from the young wonder and how did she get to be in the bottom and saved Matt was not? I will never know but she is one awesome singer.

Danny Gokey: Boring.

Matt Giraud: Liked the uptempo on him and how much it had fun with it but not his best performances.

Anoop Desai: Bye Anoop. Not rememebrable but he had been getting better week to week. Little to late though for a comeback.

Lil Rounds: See ya, horrible, horrible, horrible. What happened to you?


Comments on: "Were you Happy with Idol?" (1)

  1. I completely agree, except for Adam. Yes, he’s very talented. But I wouldn’t go to his concert or buy his CD. I’m definitely buying Kris & Allison’s CDs, though. Allison should not have been in the bottom 3. I’m rooting for a Kris-Allison-Adam final 3. I would love it if Danny went next week and Matt the next. I’m just not a Danny fan.

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