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As usual here is my list of the once again Top 7 of American Idol Season 8. Some significant changes for me going into Disco Week:

The Top 7 Again!

The Top 7 Again!

7. Lil Rounds (Last week: #7)-  Oh, Lil, why oh why do you do these things. These things of course I mean picking wrong songs. Last week, was once again a showcase of why Lil should not be in the competition and I think with tonight’s double elimination, she will be saying bye-bye.

6. Danny Gokey (Last week: #5)- The look last week: off, the song: off, everything: off. I do not get Danny Gokey. What was so appealing about his Top 7 performance and no matter the vocal the judges praise him. I hope this week there is a surprise elimination in Danny but I doubt it will happen. What is his appeal? Tell me people.

5. Anoop Desai (Last week: #6)-  Anoop is making a comeback, well sort of. Is it a little too late for Anoop? I think so but you can not blame a guy for trying. I am liking Anoop’s presence and song choice these past few weeks and I think he can really have fun this week.

4. Matt Giraud (Last week: #2)- Matt will  be going home on Wednesday that is a sealed fate I believed, because he would have been gone last Wednesday. I still am a fan of Matt’s vocals and personality and I know we will hear more from him later, maybe with Kara because we all know Kara wants to tap that.

3.  Allison Iraheta (Last week: #4)-  This girl is rocking it. Movie Week finally brought some real great comments from the judges that will get people to vote, and I could not be happier. Allison is a great singer and I hope people start to realize it. However the song choice for movie week, it has been done to death, and who could beat David Cook.

2. Kris Allen (Last week: #3)- “Falling Slowly” = brilliant. I love the song, I loved him, I loved his rendtiion. I felt so happy when Simon said on the results show “brilliant” that was such a great moment. Now what will he do with Disco, I am so excited to see.

1. Adam Lambert (Last week #1) – But I am even more excited to see what my man Adam Lambert will be doing! Every week he suprises and last week was no different. “Born to be Wild” was great fun and I really enjoyed his rock attitude and the working of the stage. This man is it and I cannot wait!


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  1. I love how they keep saying “This is the most groundbreaking, shocking American Idol ever” … every week

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