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Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & Sisters

Finally! Tonight marks the night of the return of ABC Sunday nights which means all new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters (9/8c and 10/9c on ABC). No more breaks from here on out with both shows airing straight to their finales, Brothers and Sisters (May 10th) and Desperate Housewives (May 17th). 

I have seen this new episode of Brothers and Sisters and it is a good one. Entitled “S3X” it revolves around the return of Chad (Jason Lewis), Kevin’s actor lover in the first season of the show. This creates a whole lot of drama that is both funny and interesting with Scotty and Kevin. As the episode title suggests their is a lot of sex, mostly with Sarah who has finally gone back to Ojai. She notices some very common traits in the men their and creates a strong bond with one played by Christian de la Fuente. Hot! Overall, the whole episode is great with the perfect mix of funny, and the usually family drama mostly surrounding Kitty and Robert. Plus, Nora’s Nigel is back and he presents a very interesting offer that is kinda weird for Nora.


Nicollete Sheridan as Edie on her final episode

Nicollete Sheridan as Edie on her final episode

As usual, Desperate Housewives precedes Brothers and Sisters tonight and we get closure to the Edie storyline after five years of Nicollete Sheridan’s run on the show. Remember that episode earlier this year with the plumber going through his meetings with the housewives? This episode will be very similar just with Edie. Make sure to check it out, and what I have been hearing about the rest of the season is very positive.

Also on tonight, Amazing Race (8/7c on FOX) has begun its run to the finish line and all I can say is go Margie and Luke! Plus, the guilty pleasure Celebrity Apprentice (9/8c on NBC) is new with an extension of the great cliffhanger this week along with HBO’s In Treatment (9/8c)!


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