Watching Way Too Much TV For You!


Gabriel Byrne as Paul

Gabriel Byrne as Paul

Recently I have been engulfed in a show that is real, heartfelt, sad, happy, and just plain entertaining. That show is HBO’s In Treatment.


This is the second season of In Treatment. Last year I was just to put off by the fact that it aired five days and week but now I am glad I got in. In Treatment airs at 9/8c on Sundays with two episodes then at the same time Monday with three episodes. Each episodes chronicles a patient’s therapy session with therapist Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne).

Mondays (airs Sun.) it is Mia (Hope Davis) who is and old friend of Paul’s who is now an attorney that is helping Paul who is getting sued. Of course, she has her own problems.


Allison Pill as April

Allison Pill as April

Tuesdays is the best night for me (airs Sun.). The night is about April (Allison Pill), she is a student who was just diagonised with Leukkophia but is having a hard time telling anybody. Allison Pill is just tremondoues in the roll and has brought me to tears a couple times.


Wednesday’s (airs Mon.) is family time with Paul taking on a little boy Oliver (Andrew Shaw) who’s parents are getting a divorce. That brings up all the usual problems including why its not his fault and also brings so great moments.

Thursday’s (airs Mon.) is Paul’s session with Walter (John Mahoney) who is a top notch CEO who has all sorts of denial problems. He cannot seem to come to the conclusion that he has panic attacks, that he misses his kids, or that he had family problems as a child. All this is just so interesting and you should really watch.

The last day Friday (airs. Mon) is the time where the tables are turned and Paul is the patient while his friend Gina is the therapist played by the great Dianne Weist. Paul has as much stress and problems as anybody and it is great to see him release them. Overall, In Treatment is just a treat to watch and also a great character piece. Catch up on ONDEMAND or one the variety of reruns on HBO because you will not want to miss it.


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