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board_kingsIf you are looking at your guide tonight and seeing that their is no NBC’s Kings on tonight, you must be one of those limited number of people actually watching. NBC has decided to burn off the remaining handful of episodes in full on Saturday nights. This will start next Saturday which also marks the introduction of a new character, played by someone you know very well. 

Macaulay Culkin has joined the cast for multiple episodes as the King’s nephew who was banished from Gilboa but has now returned and will really be stirring up some trouble while he is back. 


Macaulay Culkin as Andrew Cross on Kings

Macaulay Culkin as Andrew Cross on Kings

Are you excited to see a old face return? Are you disappointed the show will not be back next year? Or are you just excited you get to see the episode, sound off below.


Comments on: "Where is KINGS? Not on Sundays." (3)

  1. thesoulofthecreator said:

    i kind of wish they would move it to the Sci Fi channel or something. It is my favorite show on television next to lost, maybe it is because as a child I was fascinated with the whole saga between David and Saul, I always remember my child’s illustrated Bible with a picture of Saul throwing a spear at David and looking all angry. I do have to say that never seeing Deadwood, watching Ian Mcshane in this makes me want to start watching it. I kind of wish they would end the story at least with David becoming King or Silas killing himself and leading the way for David. Oh well I will enjoy it nonetheless

  2. @TSotC: It’s kind of criminal not to have seen Deadwood already. But I’m jealous that you’ll get to experience that show, with fresh eyes. Ian McShane’s performance in Deadwood is riveting.

    Regarding Kings, I think it’s a shame that NBC has decided to burn off the remaining episodes. Me and the other folks at Tuba TV (url above) have been pretty critical of the show, but nevertheless, found it compelling. With this and Leno, I’m not sure what’s in store for drama on NBC.

  3. I was not hooked to this show, but I did enjoy it and also found it compelling. Kings definitely had potential so it is a shame that it has been given the boot.

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