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As always here is my American Idol Hot List, for the coming week. Sorry if it looks similar to last week, but some people do not disappoint.


Anoop Desai

Anoop Desai

7. Lil Rounds (Last week: #7)-  What is happening to Lil? She had such promise but week after week now, she is just disappointing. I am no longer excited to see what she is going to do because she sings what ever she can the same way that the original artist did. Come on Lil, pull it together or you are in serious danger.

6. Anoop Desai (Last week: #8) –  I have to admit “True Colors” was awesome. It was sang well, and Anoop really showed why he is still in the competition. On the other hand, he for me is the one I do not remember each week. I just cannot get behind him, and like I said, if he does not do something to really change up everything. He will just get lost in everybody else.

5. Danny Gokey (Last week: #4) – Just okay is how I would describe Danny last week. “Stand By Me” for me was just safe, nothing really popped for me and I dislike how the judges still say he is amazing, even when he is not. My main problem for Danny is how he has turned in to the real gospel singer, and I get that vibe from he. I am not a huge fan of that genre of music, but I can see a lot of people are.

4. Allison Iraheta (Last week #5) –  Aww Allison, you are so innocent and sweet with such a powerful voice. Nothing really changed my opinion of Allison. I still think she is just fabulous and that is all that needs to be said. Click for me top 3….

3. Kris Allen (Last week: #2) –   Oh Kris, why did you choose that song? I have to admit I was a little disappointed with Kris this week. His performance did not pack the punch of last week’s amazing song but he is still a definite favorite of mine. His personality is just so sweet, you cannot help but love him.

2. Matt Giraud (Last week: #3) –  That is what I am talking about. Matt stepped it up in the Top 8 with Part Time Lover and I was really happy for him. He has really grown over the last couple of weeks but he overall is still behind Kris in my opinion. Matt’s voice is good (check out his Itunes versions) but his performance versions are always a little weird for me with his face.

1. Adam Lambert (Last week #1) – Absolutely brillant, just fantastic. There are not enough words to describe how much Adam’s performance of “Mad World” was just breath-taking. They should just make him the Idol right now because he is in such a different solar system than anybody else. The performance was haunting, spectactular, and moving, and if he can keep this up it will be a great ride. As always the Idols release the full song on iTunes and check out Adam’s “Mad World” single below. I love it.

Tuesday is songs from the movies week, with guest mentor Quentin Tarantino. Any suggestions for the contestants?


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