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Good TV is Just Good!

This week has been a breeding ground for good TV, here are some of my highlights.



FRINGE: I did not realize how much I missed this FOX drama. Thinking back to last summer, all I could think about was this show. I was so happy for it. Now I have that same excitement now with the final six episodes for the season. Tuesday’s episode was a great episode mixing the overall story with the story of the week. I loved the little bald kid and how we are continuing to get background to Olivia’s life. Next week: a manmade beast and we get to see Charlie’s personal life.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

AMERICAN IDOL: Four words: Adam Lambert is brilliant. This man is just so amazing, the vocal range, and everything about him is just great. I could go out by his album right now and I would not even think twice. Tuesday’s “Mad World” was just off-the-chains and I was on the edge of my seat. Also, Simon giving a standing ovation, has that ever happened? It has now!

CASTLE:  I am really liking this ABC drama. The ratings are slipping and I hope you countinue with it. The show improves each week and this week was no exception. I love the playback with Castle and Beckett and the actors are really settling into the role. Hope we get a second year after this one.

CHUCK: Could Monday’s episode be any better? I think not, unless they made it last forever. Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase are great additions to the already top-notch cast and they will be around for the last two episodes of the season, the LAST two. I cannot believe we are almost done. I love how Chuck has this passion to help everybody and it is so infectious. I just hope the passion continues next fall! By the way, make sure to check out, where Kath is having a Chuck week!


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