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The Unusuals Cast

The Unusuals Cast

ABC is just churning out new shows. Now with there second cop drama in the last two months it marks the last of their new shows till the summer. While it is a great one, I doubt it will stick. Here is my review of ABC’s The Unusuals. 


The Unusuals

The Unusuals


What ABC Says: “A cop, it helps to have a twisted sense of humorbecause every moment could be your last. Just ask Casey Shraeger. She started her day as an NYPD vice detective posing as a Lincoln Tunnel hooker before unexpectedly being transferred to the homicide division. Casey quickly realizes that not only does everyone in her new department have a distinct sense of humor but everyone also has their own dirty little secret… Sgt. Brown is lusting after Detective Beaumont. Detective Delahoy is nursing a brain tumor and trying to die a noble death in the line of duty. His partner Detective Banks just turned 52 and fears that, like his father, he won’t make it to 53. Detective Cole is deeply religious but has a shady past. And although Casey’s new partner, Detective Walsh, appears to be clean, while investigating the murder of his former partner, Casey uncovers evidence that suggests that even Walsh may have a secret or two. Casey has a secret of her own. She grew up wealthy and privileged in New York high society and became a cop because she saw first hand how money can buy justice. As she learns from the precinct’s mysterious and seldom-seen Lt. Little, Casey was brought to the homicide division because she’s one of the few honest cops in the district. And with her help, Lt. Little plans to start cleaning house. Equal parts NYPD Blue and The Office, The Unusuals is a unique comedic procedural whose realistic setting makes the frequent laughs that much more outrageous. Writer Noah Hawley (a producer on Bones) confidently takes the police procedural into fresh, uncharted waters. Stephen Hopkins (24, Californication) directs.”

Fun Facts: Lots of Rescue Me cameos in this show, probably because they share some of the same producers. Look for John Scurti, Adam Ferrara and Cornell Womack. Also look for Joanna Gleeson as Shraeger’s Mom.


The Unusuals Crew on the Case

The Unusuals Crew on the Case

The Plot in My Words:  The show centers around Casey who we first see playing a prostitute for Vice. She is picked up to help out Detective Walsh after his partner is killed. Walsh and his partner had a interesting relationship with porn, drugs, and a lot of illegal doings but that is what they do at this precinct. The whole crew is a mixed bag. Cole is the religious one that has a shady past. Alvarez is the teachers pet always wanting to steal other peoples cases and trying to look the best. Banks and Delahoy are two tough buds. They do everything together including looking for peoples cats but Delahoy is holding a dark secret and it is super interesting.


The Good:  The show is really fun, it is not a serious show by any means. All the characters are super funny and have there own little special ticks and pasts that make them special. The show has this supernatural, mysterious element that is really interesting. The cases are strange, with a version of the Ham-burglar coming in and the case of the cat killer. It is unlike any other NYPD drama because it is not a drama at all more like a cop comedy with just a touch of the serious. Which is needed to tie everything together.

The Bad:  The pilot feels a little start and stop, and does not flow as well as it needs too. The personal stories do not yet connect with the stories with the officers and it sometimes feels a little forced. The other thing is some people make think it is a little stupid with all the little quirks but it does feel that way to me.

Overall: The show is a fun mix of mystery and humor. The cast is great, but if we have learned anything from Lost over the years it cannot launch a new show. I think they may be the case here, but I sure hope you try it out.


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