Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

There is actually some good TV on tonight and here is the best shots:

Kings – 8/7c on NBC I am super excited for tonight’s KINGS because this is the first episode I have not seen in advanced. The show is almost gone and multiple sources are saying NBC is seriously considering removing the show from the schedule and putting it online. However, if there is an increase of viewers tonight, NBC might thing differently. Tonight, William tries to court Jack to turn on his dad and David does not like the decision that Silas is making during negotiations. 

In Treatment

In Treatment

In Treatment – 9/8c on HBO  This is one great HBO show. I was not one of those viewers last year that watched In Treatment every day but this year with the new format and cast I will be watching every episode. The show if you are not familiar follows Paul (Gabriel Byrne) who is a therapist and sits in on his sessions. Each episode chronicles on session with one client and in the 5th episode of the week Paul is the client and he gets help from Dianne Weist who is great. The clients this year are played by Hope Davis and Allison Pill, who’s episodes air on Sundays, and John Mahoney and Aaron Shaw, who’s episode airs on Mondays. Check this out.

The Tudors

The Tudors

The Tudors – 9/8c on Showtime  Today marks the return of The Tudors. It is a really great and well made show and you should really check it out. The show about Henry VI left off with Anne Boleyn being beheaded and we were left with Henry being with the lovely Jane Seymour.

Celebrity Apprentice – 9/8c on NBC  OMG. Last week’s episode was awesome. So stupid and so awesome at the same time. I am hoping this week will be just as good.

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency – 8/7c on HBO Tonight on this beautiful HBO drama, the agency is in trouble so they enlist a little boy to hand out papers on the detective agency. Are you watching this new drama set in Botswana?

United States of Tara – 10/9c on Showtime  Tonight is the season finale of my favorite Showtime show right now. I have seen the finale and it is odd to say the least. There is some closure and fans will be satifisyed but it does leave a lot open to next season. The episode surrounds Tara confronting her boarding school mate, and learning some interesting things.


Comments on: "What I Will Be Watching – April 5th, 2009" (3)

  1. Wow TVmadMan you have great taste in tv. I watch all of these shows except for the Celebrity Apprentice( i cant stand Donald Trump’s smug face).

  2. Thanks, I do not know why I watch Celebrity Apprentice, I just do, it is so weird. 🙂

  3. […] played, Green. Here’s hoping (with the rest of you) the show isn’t cancelled before it has a chance to resurrect Kevin […]

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