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Sorry for the lack of list early this week but I decide to do one today. Here is my thoughts on the American Idol’s and who is number one?

American Idol (Pic from EW)

American Idol

8. Anoop Desai – Anoop continues to be the one contestant that I totally forget about by the end of the show. He used to do something for me in the beginning with “My Prerogative” but his song this week was unbearable to watch. Time to go.

7. Lil Rounds – Lil is a great singer but she has been picking bad songs. She needs to tone it down and do a great ballad that can really show off her voice and tell us why she was here in the first place. She is here because of her damn good voice!

6. Scott MacIntyre – This week’s performance was the first time in the finals that I actually truly enjoyed Scott’s song. If he can keep this up, he might last a little longer, but we all know he is not going to go super far.

5. Allison Iraheta – Bottom three again? What is up? Allison is a great singer and a joy to watch this week but most of the guys are killing her with the vocals and it does not help she is always in the beginning of the show. Go down for the last 4 picks:

4. Danny Gokey – I really, really enjoyed this week’s performance of “What Hurts the Most.” It was both emotional and captivating, plus the vocals were great. Although, I still can’t get over what he did in the beginning of the competition and until then he won’t get that much higher on my list.

3. Matt Giraud – Matt is good. Real good, but he has not shown us his full potential yet. His “You Found Me” was not that great live but if you listen to the studio version on ITunes it is almost as good as The Fray. Lets hope he can stick around to show us what he has to offer.

2. Kris Allen – Kris had the best performance this week. His “Aint No Sunshine” was just beautiful, the arrangement and the look were great, but overall it was his voice. He is the dark-horse and he should definitely last a long time. 

1. Adam Lambert – But overall, Adam is still the one to beat and my favorite contestant. “Play that Funky Music” was great but maybe not his best. He is just a revelation to the show and to me he IS the American Idol this year.


Comments on: "My Top 8 American Idol Hot List" (3)

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  2. ILoveMyDVR said:

    I love Kris Allen’s voice. I agree that Adam Lambert is a great Entertainer and I actually think he would be best suited to be THE American Idol. That the whole Marketing/Management team behind it would work well with him as the winner. But my favorite contestant is Kris. I think he would work better on his own, like Elliot Yamin.

    I’ve watched AI for too long now and I don’t think winning is the best thing for all of the contestants. I don’t think they did right by winners like Fantasia, Ruben, or Taylor Hicks. I know in the early years they were trying to treat the American Music Industry like the British Music Industry and they aren’t the same. Not everyone can be a “Pop” star and they got lucky with Kelly the first year.

    They have made a few smart moves. They let Carrie go Country. They put Jordin on a subsidiary label and let her work with some good R&B people. But look how many years it took for them to do that? Clive Davis might be smart (in his day) but I don’t think 19 Marketing is that smart.

    I just think Adam has more experience and a stronger personality. He will make sure they don’t push him around or push him in the wrong direction. I don’t think Kris has that kind of experience and it would hurt him if he had the AI Title in the long run.

  3. Adam definitely has the rock star thing going for him; he is definitely a force to be reckoned with this season

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