Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

I have had the pleasure of seeing two new broadcast series this week and the two series are so vastly different but both very good. The first is NBC’s Southland which premieres this Thursday April 9th at 10/9c. The show is produced by John Wells the main producer on the now gone ER.  The show is almost a fake documentary about the cops of the LAPD and the real stories. It stars Regina King, Ben McKensie among others and the show is great. The gritty, raw feel of it is so captivating, The first episode is now available in a variety places but you can check it out at this link:

The other show was Glee. It is a new musical comedy on FOX. It will air in full in the fall but FOX will be airing the pilot in a special time after the American Idol Top 2 Performance on May 19th at 9/8c. The show is just fabolous, fun, interesting, emotional and funny, fun. It is such a brilliant show with a great cast and you must watch. The musical numbers are great and they are super catchy with new songs and not the oldies. Here are a couple sneak peeks:

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