Watching Way Too Much TV For You!


Here are some pick takes for what to watch tonight, ABC’s dramas are on hiatus until April 19th so here are some great replacements (KINGS).





At the 8/7c hour tonight there are two great choices for you to try out and one new choice that I have heard is phenomenal. If you have not seen Kings on NBC yet, try it out tonight. This is the last episode I have seen in advanced and for me it was the best of the four. The episode has three main stories tonight. One, the Queen has got a big agenda to take care of starting off with a ballet that the King must be at. Second, the King’s illegitimate son is having health problems that require everybody to be really stealth. Then finally, the Prince takes David out on the town while trying to hide his gay life. A very interesting a great story you must watch.




Jill Scott, No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Jill Scott, No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

HBO is premiering a new show that might not be what you expect or so I hear. When you think of HBO dramas you think of gritty, inappropriate dialogue, but Ladies No.1 Detective Agency is far from it. Based on the best selling novels it follows a African group of woman in Africa as they solve crimes, kinda sounds like Woman’s Murder Club in Africa doesn’t it. The show airs in a two hour pilot tonight at 8/7c on HBO and is available on HBOonDemand. Also, as always The Amazing Race is new tonight in Thailand, and if past seasons show is always a great local.




Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan

I hate to admit this but I am still watching Celebrity Apprentice. The show is just so stupid but I love every week how they make this seem like they are not famous people. Joan Rivers is brilliant and is so great when she fights, and I am also loving Melissa and how she calls herself a “producer.” Celebrity Apprentice airs a two-hour episode at 9/8c on NBC. If you are not a fan of Apprentice check out the always funny Jim Gaffigan from My Boys who has a great stand-up special on Comedy Central at 9/8c. He talks about bologna, breakfast, and some bowling. Fun!


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