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ABC has been churning out new shows and maybe that is not necessarily a good thing. Out of the three that have premiered in the last three weeks only one has been a modest hit that being ABC’s Castle which has been getting just around 10 million viewers. The others, Better off Ted has been almost non-existent, while In the Motherhood has been getting a little more viewers but is still nowhere near where it should. On Tuesday the fourth joins the bunch and it has the potential to be a hit behind Dancing with the Stars. The show is Cupid.


The cast of Cupid

What ABC Says:  Trevor Pierce is a larger than life character who insists that he is Cupid, the Roman god of love. He claims that he has been sent to New York City by Zeus to bring 100 romantically challenged couples together before being allowed to return to Mt. Olympus. His persistence eventually lands him in a mental institution. Three months later, Trevor is found to be harmless to himself and others and is released — but under certain conditions. Placed under the care of psychiatrist and self-help author Dr. Claire McCrae, he must attend her singles group therapy sessions on a regular basis so that she can monitor his progress. Trevor returns to his rented room upstairs from the struggling Tres Equis Cantina, owned by Felix Araiza and his sister, Lita. In exchange for rent, Trevor becomes a bartender and creates an atmosphere for singles looking for lasting love. His ideas, such as half-price margarita nights and mariachi karaoke duets, could help him bring couples together and ultimately take him closer to the day that he gets to return to Mt. Olympus. No one believes Trevor’s story, but everyone finds him to be quite charming. Although he possesses a great knowledge of Greek mythology, Claire finds that Trevor constantly interferes and contradicts her when it comes to her pragmatic style of helping lonely hearts find their soul mates. In true love, Claire believes it’s all about friendship and mutual respect; for Trevor, heat and passion conquer all. Only time will tell who will win this battle for love. Cupid stars Bobby Cannavale (Will & Grace) as Trevor, Sarah Paulson (The Spirit, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) as Claire, Rick Gomez (What About Brian) as Felix and Camille Guaty (Las Vegas) as Lita. The romantic dramedy was created by Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars), who serves as executive producer/writer, along with executive producers Jennifer Gwartz (Good Behavior, Veronica Mars), Danielle Stokdyk, (Good Behavior, Veronica Mars), Dan Etheridge (Good Behavior, Veronica Mars) and Diane Ruggiero (Dirty Sexy Money, Veronica Mars). Cupid is produced by ABC Studios.

Fun Facts:  The show is based on Rob Thomas’s 1990’s version of Cupid. The stared Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall as the leads. The show was cancelled after the first season. The show was originally set in Hollywood and has now moved to New York City. That was a great change overall.

Bobby Cannavale as Cupid

Bobby Cannavale as Cupid

The Plot in my Words:  The show is basically a big love story. The story is of Trevor Pierce (Cannavale) who is new a psychatric ward for saying that he is cupid, the god of love. He claims that he was sent or banished to earth from Mount Olympus and cannot go back until he reunited 100 couples that are soul mates with true love. This therapist is Dr. Claire McCrae (Paulson) who is treating Trevor after he gets arrested for changing the New Year’s Eve sign in Times Square to “Holly I’m Here” to help a guy find his lost love. She is very skeptical of him and does not believe him one bit. She thinks love is new dark and cold, while Trevor’s view is you need to be proactive. Each episode chronicles his journey to unite two people that should love each other while fighting his own battles. 

The Good:  The show is sweet. That is the main draw for it. It is charming and kind, and a perfect relaxing emotional hour. The pilot’s love story was great about a man who thinks he found his dream girl but can’t find her, but meets someone along the way that was really the one. The way Bobby Cannavale plays Cupid as this arrogant, cocky guy that thinks he knows everything plays well of the toned down and skeptical Claire. Sarah Paulson is great in the role of Claire and provides some much needed pacing to the show. A big plus for the story is that it is shot in New York City and I am glad it is not LA. NYC makes the show more fast-paced and it looks great. The show is a fun journey about love, and you will be hard not to find some heart in it too.

The Bad:  The show is created by Rob Thomas from Veronica Mars among others, but from watching the pilot you would not know it. The show lacks the wit to the dialogue that Rob Thomas brings and if you just tune into the show just for Rob’s style, you most likely be a little disappointed. For me, I cannot tell Rob’s style as easy as others, so I did not feel like I was missing anything. Also, the other two leads Felix (Rick Gomez) and Lita (Camille Guaty) are rarely used in the pilot. They are brother and sister that own the bar that most of the action takes place in and where Trevor lives, and I do not really understand their purpose to the story. But this is just the pilot.



Overall:  Cupid is a good attempt but it does have a couple flaws. The first episode is really charming and sweet and a perfect way to end a bad day but I am not sure if it will stick around. Until then, I am along for the ride!

Cupid premieres this Tuesday, March 31st at 10/9c after Dancing with the Stars.


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